Umar Khan

I'm a UX/UI Designer and Front End Developer

I develop compelling designs that spring to life using transition and animations that suit my clients, using the most sophisticated technologies available today for fully interactive and responsive websites and apps. I love working with agencies and brands to help them realise their goal of creating truly outstanding digital properties that get them and their clients the results they need.

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I'm a multidisciplinary digital designer and developer, and turned freelance in 2006. From my Lucrative Solution , I serve agencies, corporations and start-ups worldwide. I excel at integrating seamlessly into my clients' teams, becoming their go-to contractor of choice.

I'll fit seamlessly into your workflow. Whether that's taking client feedback directly, or attending client meetings as 'one of your agency team', we never disclose who I am or what I do for your business.

Branding / Logo Design

I've had the privilege of working on some top brands, creating sub brands and giving start ups the help they need to create a professional identity.

UI & UX Design

Since 2006, I've designed streamlined, easy-to-use websites and user interfaces. I work to the principle that less is more, while carefully and strategically including important details and interactions.

Front End Development

I develop fast interactive front ends, using the latest technologies and techniques to reduce page load time. I use my knowledge and tools to save time in development, including preprocessors and my own custom framework to kick start a project.

Awards and Recognition

2015 - Honorable Mention Awwwards.
2013 - Honorable Mention Awwwards.
2012 - Honorable Mention Awwwards.
2012 - Honorable Mention Toyota Japan.

Recent Work

Elegant Presentations (EP)